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It is undeniable that we are facing an epochal change and a major economic and financial crisis, but above all social.

One of GROT's aims is to offer a small circle of awakened people the tools and support they need to deal with this.

It will NOT be a network/tool for everyone. If you feel that the concepts below resonate with you, feel free to leave your contact details.

In order to sculpt a world we do not want, the system is isolating us and making us dependent on it on a personal, relational/social, economic, food, spiritual, financial and technological level.
GROT offers a model of collective survival and prosperity based on strong links who know how to overcome this isolation and dependency drive, and who are at the same time functional (skills) as well as integral, deep and based on a healthy and sincere reciprocity.

Our mission is to create a solid network between autonomous persons who have now realised the profound change we are facing. Together, we choose to boycott what we feel is not in line with our hearts, rejecting individualism, materialism, consumerism and profit as the ultimate means to self-realisation.

We do not deny progress, but we recognise only that part of it that from a
real added value to the quality of our lives and that keeps the human being at the centre. We aim for a slowdown in every sphere and a return to a human-scale rhythm of life.

To reorganise into an autonomous micro-society (within society itself or parallel to it) and subvert the system from within is only possible reassessing in different key the trust and responsibility we place in institutions, our social relationships, our beliefs, our values and, last but not least, our aspiration to be happy and feel good.

It will not be easy, but we will succeed.

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A video extract from the co-founder of GROT:

Registrations for the time being are open to the public.
It will then be closed to the public and register by reference only.
It is based on the following 8 concepts:

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A network of awakened ones where you can donate and receive favours and services with other members using your time to gain support in need and exchange skills and abilities.

Available soon...


Guides, support and services to create your own independent reality from scratch, or optimise and expand it if you already have it.

food network

An alternative food network to large-scale distribution that will allow you receive food directly from Ticino farmers and producers.

defence against hyper-technology

Tools, courses, guides and tips to defend yourself from hyper-technology: radio frequencies, web anonymisation, privacy, technological detox,...

Available soon...


Tools, courses, guides and tips to gain autonomy from the system at all levels: financial, psychological, nutritional and personal development.


A special market where members exchange goods through barter, lend them out or give them away.

Available soon...

For questions or collaboration please write to us at: [email protected]

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