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Being mentally, nutritionally, financially and technologically ready and autonomous

Do you feel ready for what awaits us in the near future? Are you already autonomous on all levels?
During this Basic Course, we will cover four of the most important topics to prepare us for autonomy: mental, food and water, financial and technological (privacy).

Discovering Linux: The private, secure and fast alternative to Windows and Mac

Linux is an alternative operating system for PCs and smartphones to the most popular ones owned by Microsoft (Windows), Apple (MACOSX, iOS) and Google (Android, Chrome OS). Join us for an educational, hands-on afternoon designed for those starting from scratch.The course is taught by experts, ready to guide you step by step.

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Workshop: Collecting and cooking edible wild herbs and plants

We will walk with a Ticino botanist, Milo (Meret's nephew), an expert and wild herb enthusiast, and go in search of wild and edible herbs.

We will learn how to recognise them, collect them and discover how to cook them in a healthy and genuine way. It will be a pleasant walk in nature and undemanding, within everyone's reach.

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Workshop: Composting, permaculture and the simple garden

The day will be divided into 2 parts: theory in the morning and practice in the garden in the afternoon.

Soil expert Nicola will teach you that for plants, soil is everything, especially the quantity and quality of microorganisms and the balance of nutrients in it. In the vegetable garden, you will discover how to create, with local and easily available materials, hot composts ready in a few weeks to revitalise any soil (meadow, forest, desert, etc) so that you can grow your own vegetable garden with minimal effort.


In-depth course: Purifying, filtering and informing water

You will explore the techniques for purifying and informing water in a course led by Stefano, an expert in the field, who has explored and applied the principles and studies of illustrious figures such as Ighina, Emoto and Del Giudice.

After learning the basics of properly purifying and informing the most precious thing we have, water, we will have a human collective discussion and a hands-on workshop to deepen the topic.


Course: Psychological tricks for memory, learning and changing habits

A social psychologist (Sascha) will share valuable tips and practical strategies with you, offering a pathway towards enhancing your cognitive abilities.

Through simple and applicable suggestions for daily life, you will achieve immediate improvements in memory, learning and acquire the ability to forge healthy habits, freeing yourself from harmful ones.


Electrosmog and 5G: how to defend yourself in practice

In this course, Roberto, a specialist in Electrobiology and E.B.B. professional consultant, will enable you to understand the impacts of electrosmog and 5G on personal well-being. You will acquire skills and touch on concrete solutions to protect yourself, your family and your environment.


Solar, hydro and batteries in the DIY home

Engineer Alessandro will enable you to discover the full functionality and potential of renewable energy with a hands-on approach. Guided by an industry expert, you will learn how to create your own energy system, harnessing the power of the sun (and water). Solar, hydro and batteries in the DIY home


Electronic DIY basics to repair everything (WORKSHOP)

Claudio, a professional repairer at the Locarno objecteca and at ACSI's repair cafés, will share with you in a practical way the basics of repairing small household appliances and electronic devices.


Starting a business
to passive income (workshops)

In this course for novices, Sascha, a digital entrepreneur for 15 years, will teach you the basics, strategies and key tools to create a source of income that works for you, i.e., without you having to use the most precious thing you have: your time! Starting a business
to passive income (workshops)


The first live adventure of: 1984

This is NOT a 'rambo' adventure in the forest, but a real hands-on simulation of autonomy organised in the form of a live-action adventure from 1984 by George Orwell. You will find yourself in unusual and ad-hoc organised situations that will pose practical challenges for you to face individually and as a collective, to meet basic needs, gain autonomy and bring down the sovereign power.

Practical workshop in the vegetable garden - natural compounds and the like

Practical workshop in the vegetable garden - natural compounds and the like

In this course, you will learn from an expert how to create, with local and readily available materials, hot composts ready in a few weeks to revitalise any soil (lawn, forest, desert, etc.) so that you can grow your own vegetable garden with minimal effort.
Dutch lunch

Dutch lunch

We will meet in a park to exchange good food, our visions and life experiences as well as healthy human warmth...
Visit to Mr. X's house

Visit to Mr. X's house

Mister X lives surrounded by nature and is autonomous on all levels: electricity, water, food and heating. In this short visit we will discover together how he built his off-grid world with his own hands in a few decades (and it is incredible, I assure you).
Autonomy Courses

Autonomy Courses

Course consisting of several autonomy-related topics (food, water, finance, technology, etc.)

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