Swiss company website translation: 3 possible solutions

If you are thinking about translating your Swiss company website because you want to expand your business or simply because you are a start-upwe explain how this can best be done.

Many companies underestimate the Swiss company site translation, because they perhaps think they are able to do it themselves with school memories.

Or they decide to rely on the dreaded Google Traslatewhich can be useful if you cannot remember a word, but not for translating long sentences.

Specially and professionally translating your site is definitely a good investment method.

You will also improve your company's image abroad and, above all, the possibility of expanding your business.

People often consider their website as a showcase where they can present their products or services in the Swiss market such as Italy, without considering the importance of making it accessible in other languages as well.

This is because many times one is caught by the traditional marketing channels and no thought is given to the importance of search engine positioning.

Although let us remember, as we saw in the article i alternative growth services, this is not the most profitable and immediate business method according to GROT.

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That said, having a well-designed site, perfectly translated into several languages and visible on search engines is one of the primary goals of every company.

In fact, as we said, the Swiss company website translation is the main tool through which one presents one's company or service, one's team and above all one's values.

Swiss company website translation what to know

Localised translation

2.Translation of Swiss company website geared towards Google positioning


4. Conclusion

We now explain in more detail the different types of Swiss company website translation and especially the one used by GROT.

translation swiss company

Localised Swiss company website translation

A first form of Swiss company website translation is to use localisation.

This is very important in order to be able to structure the site to handle the differences between the various languages.

One of the most important things to do is to assess the meaning of words in other languages.

For example, some words of the Italian language cannot be translated literally into other languages.

This is because the meaning we attach to it in our mother tongue in a foreign one would most likely not be the same.

Furthermore, it is essential pay attention to the encoding of figures, dates, currencies, symbols and more.

To give you an example in the translation Swiss company site, to separate the thousands in the figures we use the dot (5,000) while in English sites, we use the comma (5,000).

Same thing for reading the date of the day, the English enter the month first and then the day.

In conclusion, translating and localising a site for internationalisation is an operation that requires not only translating the content, but also adapting it to the culture of the country.

The text, content, images, forms, html codes, descriptions, keywords must be consistent with the site and the language of the translation.

Thus, this whole process of adapting website elements to a culture with a different language is called 'localisation' of a website.

Needless to say, this cannot be entrusted to Google Translate, which although it is correct in some word translations, in the system as a whole it is rather poor.

Swiss company website translation

Website translation Swiss company geared towards Google positioning

In addition to the previous Swiss company site translation of this type, it also takes into account the SEOi.e. the desired Google ranking of the translated site.

Obviously, a multilingual site will rank well on Google if the different translations are as we said before 'localised'.

Some people decide that without a good SEO strategy, it is not easy to communicate on the Web, because the competition is ready to overtake you.

In short, if you are not among the first search pages with your main website and translated variants, you have little chance of being noticed and thus of expanding your business to foreign markets.

To be able to do this, you have to be a professional, just like GROTwho will therefore be able to make the Swiss company website translation perfect for the market you want to start exploring.

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What is DeepL and what does it have to do with the Swiss company website translation?

It is very simple, DeepL is an innovative translation programme that also uses GROT to translate websites and documents.

DeepL is nothing more than a modern artificial intelligence whose main objective is to create a world without language barriers.

This is because the neural networks of DeepL are able to recognise even the smallest nuances of language and then reproduce them in translation.

In addition, they regularly carry out several blind tests to test and evaluate the quality of their machine translation models.

According to their website, the professional translators who are selected to decree which translation is the best, without knowing the company that produced it, indicate those of DeepL outnumbering the competition by 3:1.

As you can also see from the graph below.

quality2020 en
Chart DeepL on their site

This is certainly a great service to rely on, but to do so you need the experience of someone who uses it and knows it as GROT.


Concluding this article of ours on Swiss company website translation, you now know that there are several methods to make your website in a foreign language.

The first method is with the localisationi.e. words, images, text, keywords, pages and much more must be translated perfectly with reference to the local culture.

As we have seen, how a number is written or simply the date format.

Therefore, adapt all elements of the site to the culture of the foreign language you have chosen.

The second method is to also take into account the SEOi.e. the desired Google ranking of the translated site.

Therefore, the site's translations must be well optimised for the main site and its pages translated into the foreign language.

And finally, the artificial intelligence DeepL, which uses GROT with its customers, allowing you to have these two models in one.

Now all you have to do is choose which mode and company for the Swiss company website translation of your new business.

We have no doubt that you will choose GROTwhich, thanks to its professionals, will be able to give you the answers you are looking for, by clicking here!




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