Swiss alternative growth services: 3 reasons to choose it over the classics

In this article, we want to explain why Swiss alternative growth services are more effective than the classics.

After telling you about the coaching for Swiss companies and theseo optimisationwe explain why alternative growth services are important.

In fact, GROT is committed to helping you make your company known through these very services

of Swiss alternative growth, which not everyone knows about.

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We had started to mention something about this topic in two other articles, which you can find on our blog: Growth hacking tools e Growth hacking for start-ups.

3 reasons to choose Swiss alternative growth services





Here we explain why we suggest you prefer Swiss alternative growth services over the classics.

We have divided them into three reasons: SEO, ADS and Social where we will explain why they are not so useful for growing your Swiss company.


alternative growth services switzerland

We talked in a previous article about how important the SEO for increase visibility on the web of their company.

In addition, this is a free tool for thesearch engine optimisation.

Of course, it can pay off if you have a good copywriter and a good SEO expert, but certainly not a dominant tool for growing your business.

The use of SEO added to Swiss alternative growth services will allow your company to succeed and make a better profit.

Competition for search engine optimisation is very high, so if you are not really able to use it correctly, you may never be among the first visible results.

As a result, our company or service will never be considered over others competitorwhich instead appear on the first search pages.

In addition, the use of the Keywords (keywords) to be used for our SEO.

If these are not relevant to our company or have too much traffic, they are unlikely to help us make ourselves known.

Moreover, we live in an era where the technical SEO is very difficult to achieve.

This is because you have to optimise for the AMPmobile/tablet/desktop all at the same time.

Not forgetting structured data, the open graph, Google's compound snippets, Google local and much more.

So, it is not enough for you simply to write an occasional article on your blog with random KW.

This SEO process is undoubtedly complex and costly in terms of energy, time and money, and you will not see any results until after 3-4 months of work.

But using this tool together with other Swiss alternative growth services can give you effective and immediate results.

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alternative growth services switzerland

Here we explain why you should prefer Swiss alternative growth services over ADSs (advertisements) on Facebook or on any social media.

Of course, an ultimate goal of a company is to attract new customers and make yourself known to a larger number of people, but to do this you must not only focus on Facebook ads and campaigns.

Therefore, it is important to realise that advertising in Facebook is a general marketing strategy but not the main one for increasing your sales or services.

Sure Facebook for Business is a very useful tool for creating advertising because it can target a specific population, either through demographics or a subset of the target market.

If you are not aware of it, during advertising campaigns, you can choose the target demographics and the customised audience.

In this way, your posts are used to generate higher user engagement.

We agree with you that advertising on Facebook is a fairly inexpensive solution and the creation of a page is totally free.

Despite all this, however, many social media marketer are frustrated by the results they get from Facebook ads and campaigns.

This is because if we analyse the costs, below 1,000chf/month there is little success in making a global name for yourself.

Thinking more locally, you should know that below 100chf/day it is difficult to make a name for yourself.

If we talk about other social network ads, we can see how LinkedIn ADS increased in price, becoming almost elite and Google ADS is no less.

For this reason GROT helps you develop Swiss alternative growth services.


alternative growth services switzerland

Using social media is certainly a widely used marketing strategy, but one that has to be followed day in and day out for several years before one sees real results in terms of sales.

This is because social media and Facebook were born to engage audiences and trust the brand they follow, thus bringing the followers to become a real regular customer.

Of course, Facebook, compared to other social media, is a versatile platform that allows you to use multiple forms of marketing your brand or service.

In fact, you can easily post infographics, videos, share links from your blogs, post YouTube videos and much more.

In addition, SoundCloud is integrated on Facebook and this allows you to publish your podcasts, audio lessons or other related things that will help you reach your target audience.

But even all these integrated systems and the management of an excellent social page will not help you increase your sales without the addition of Swiss alternative growth services.

To contact GROT who can help you with this management, simply fill in these fields, by clicking here!


In conclusion, the reasons for choosing Swiss alternative growth services over the three listed above are several.

The first concerns SEO, if you do not have time, energy and money to constantly put into this writing of articles, as we said before, the search for Keywords and especially the Backlinksthey are of little use.

We can tell you with certainty that if you have written 50 well-written posts for a given KW but only have 10 backlinks, your efforts have been in vain, because no one will see them.

In addition, do backlink outreach is really always very expensive, it can cost you as much as 300chf per year.

Therefore, writing in SEO is costly in terms of time, resources and money.

Speaking instead of ADS, we could conclude that these are traps.

In that if you are a big company or a starup with big marketing capital they can be useful, but if you are a small company with a limited budget they are of little use.

This is because people's attentional spam is very low, they are useful e.g. if you have to promote enrolment in a course but for branding or making your company known they do not work.

Moreover, they have progressively higher costs.

The third concerns Facebook, which does not do magic, so you will not expand and make your business known within a few days.

Your page needs several people working together during the campaign to interact and engage users.

So, the budget increases and so does the time.

Another difficulty you will encounter using social and Facebook ADSs, compared to using Swiss alternative growth services, concerns the policies, guidelines and procedures that are put in place.

Therefore, you must check that your advertisements or campaigns comply with Facebook's advertising guidelines, and these do not always coincide with yours.

All this can be said to impose a lack of control over your marketing strategies, which is not the case with Swiss alternative growth services.

In addition, the costs per conversion that this particular social media exerts are considerable, but only an industry expert familiar with other Swiss alternative growth services can clearly perceive this.

Finally, the capabilities of B2B targeting in Facebook are really zero.

What this article wants to emphasise to you is that the classic examples that are explained to you in marketing as being useful for growing your business, are in fact not so fruitful.

Instead, there are Swiss alternative growth services that few people use but which give almost immediate results.

If you would like to learn about these Swiss alternative growth services, you can visit the page of GROT e contact them here for any clarification on this.




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