Ticino society website platform: 4 important things to know!

To talk about the platform website Ticino society, we need to make a small introduction to contemporary society.

In fact, the development of technology and especially the globalisation influence our ways of living.

The more technology evolves, the more the global network shrinks, bringing more and more people and services closer together.

The undisputed players in this continuous spiral are certainly the companies, the users and the data contained in the digital platforms, or in our specific case, in the Ticino company website platform .

Today, so we will see after a company has brought the domiciliation in Ticinohow to realise a Ticino society website platform, through four building blocks.

  1. What is a Ticino company website platform
  2. How they work
  3. CMS platforms
  4. Conclusion platform website Ticino society

3 important things to know about the Ticino company platform website

platform website Ticino society

We will now go into more detail about the Ticino company website platform and how it develops.

The most important thing to know is that there are sites where you can create your own website platform yourself, but it is always best to contact a specialist in the field who will be able to design and build your Ticino company website platform in the best possible way.

For example, you could turn to GROT Swiss reality, created by professionals working in the field.

What is a Ticino company website platform

The Ticino company website platform is a digital infrastructure that is able to connect different systems together and expose them to users through simple interfaces.

These are very often integrated into a mobile application.

So, in this case a platform website company from Ticino would create websites for companies operating in the main business districts and areas in the Canton of Ticino such as:

Lugano, Mendrisio, Locarno, Riviera, Vallemaggia, Chiasso, Giubiasco, Bellinzona, Arbedo Castione, Blenio and Leventina.

If you want to know more, the services of GROT you can click hereotherwise to make contact with them to manage the platform website company in Ticino, simply go to this page!

We can say that the Ticino society website platform can be:

B2B: for wholesale, distributor and retailer sales.

B2C: for sale to the end customer.

Ecommerce: for sale to the end customer.

Static: to promote service companies.

GROT helps you identify yours, create the platform and provides all its Web Marketing knowledge for visibility on Google, the SEO and many other services, in order to promote your company in Ticino.

So, concluding this first part on the Ticino company website platform, we can define it as a technical structure, i.e. the backbone of a site that contains much more than what we see when we navigate.

How they work

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The Ticino company website platform can have three types of structure:

  • hardwarethe part where the operating system and application programmes are run;
  • operationalwhich includes the operating system;
  • softwarewhich indicates the type of framework and the basic software system on which the programmes and applications are developed.

In order to create the software structure of a website, we can tell you that there are mainly three paths one can take and these are:

  • development custom-made
  • work under licence
  • platform open source

It is fair to point out that before the advent of CSMs, a subject we will deal with later, only programmers were able to develop websites.

This was because they were the only ones who knew the language needed to develop the site and create it to measure.

Today, however, simple websites can be created using CSM open source such as Wordpress, Hubspot e Joomla.

These are, of course, very simple and do not allow the flexibility or possibility to make changes as a specialist in the field might do with other programmes.

If you would like more information on this subject, please contact us at this link!

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CMS platforms

In order to realise a more functional, SEO-optimised and cost-effective Ticino company website platform, a CMS platform is used.

These platforms have the advantage of allowing the professional or the customer himself, to be able to manage the content of the site, autonomously, without having to know the different web programming languages.

We can say that there are two types of CMS platforms:

  • Proprietary CMSthese are developed by the web agency or professional. In this case, the source code is almost never released to the public;
  • Open source CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal...). These platforms are developed by a community of volunteer programmers and the source code is in the public domain. No royalty payment is required to use these platforms.

The biggest difference between these two types of platforms therefore lies in the property of the code.

Conclusion platform website Ticino society

platform website Ticino society

Concluding with what has been said so far about the Ticino company website platform, we can say that there are several possibilities.

I CMS they are low cost, customer-friendly, functional and can be optimised for SEO.

On the other hand, these have little flexibility and cannot be modified except where stipulated; the layout level is always the same, so there is no customisation.

On the contrary, the tailor-made sites always have an original design because the HTML and the CSS are written from scratch, full control over SEO, a User Experience better and above all provide greater security in all areas.

It must be said, however, that they have higher costs and poor user-friendliness for the end customer.

Pulling the thread, do not think that one is better than the other or that there is a right choice to be made, simply preferring one over the other depends on your intentions.

GROT in this can listen to you, advise you, design and develop the Ticino company website platform that best suits the needs of your company or services.

The team of GROT can produce an innovative, high-quality product that suits your business because they firmly believe that it is important to take care of every project in every detail.

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