Pentest Swiss company: 3 important things

Last week we talked about Ethical Hacking in Switzerlandtoday we take up this topic by talking more specifically about the Swiss company Pentest.

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By now, you know that an ethical hacker is a specialist who protects the computer systems of a company or organisation from attacks and threats from cyber criminals.

It also provides a picture of the actual level of risk to which an organisation is subject.

Its main tasks are:

  • Perform Pentest;
  • Check the security of IT systems;
  • Detect and analyse vulnerabilities (through Vulnerability Assessment);
  • Document the activities carried out and draw up a security report;
  • Monitor any anomalies of the system and recognise unauthorised access attempts;
  • Providing advice in cybersecurity;
  • Constantly updating on IT risks and data management standards.

So as you can see, one of its first tasks is to perform a Swiss company pentest.

But let's see specifically what we are going to talk about today:

1.History of pentest

2.What is the pentest Swiss company

3.Pentest analysis procedures


Pentest Swiss company: 3 important things

pentest swiss company

History of pentest

Before talking about the Swiss company pentest, let's find out how this useful tool for ethical hackers to detect system threats came about.

To do this, we have to go back to the mid-1960s, when the first data security problems were encountered due to the growing popularity of computer systems.

In fact, we can say that 1960 marked the beginning of the computer security era, so much so that a major conference on security systems was also held in 1965: the System Development Corporation (WBS).

In 1967 at the Spring Joint Computer Conference, many computer specialists gathered to discuss computer system security again.

During this conference, experts Willis Ware, Harold Petersen, Rein Tern, Bernard Peters of the National Security Agency (NSA) and the RAND Corporation uses the term 'Penetration' to describe an attack against a computer system.

This was thus identified as a serious threat to retrieve sensitive company data from online computer systems.

After this conference Willis Ware led a task force on NSA, CIA, DoD and academia to formally assess security levels.

They declared that the computer penetration was a threat to the security of the computer system.

In this regard, the federal government, in order to better understand the weaknesses of the system, began to use Pentest to test security.

In 1970 the first tiger teamsi.e. teams of crackers financed by the government and industry to try to break down the defences of computer systems to find out if there were security holes.

These individuals therefore demonstrated the usefulness of Swiss company pentests as tools to assess system security.

So, if you want to test your computer security, you can turn to GROTwhich, thanks to specialists, will be able to identify your system holes and create a better defence according to your needs.

What is the pentest Swiss company

pentest swiss company

As we said the penetration test abbreviated to Pentest involves a security specialist penetrating a company's systems on its behalf.

A Swiss company pentest therefore highlights the security gaps that exist and that cybercriminals could exploit.

The scope and nature of this attack with pentest Swiss company are determined in advance according to the company's specific needs.

For example as:

  • Penetration into the website or online shop;
  • Granting administrator access rights to corporate network systems;
  • Access to the company network from outside;

The specialist, as GROTtherefore tries to penetrate the systems concerned by using special tools.

The procedure, we can say, is partly manual, partly automated and exploits both software vulnerabilities and insecure passwords.

But why is the Swiss pentest society implemented you may think?

This is because every company, large or small, has a set of data under management, relating to its business and its customers.

For example username and password, contact details, personal information, bank details, invoices and business documents.

The company must use this information confidentially for the provisions of lhe Data Protection and Privacy Act.

It is therefore very important to hire an ethical hacker to test your system through the Swiss pentest company because in the event of an attack by a malicious party, the consequences can be of varying severity:

  • A fall in corporate reputation,
  • loss of data,
  • economic sanctions for non-compliance.

And much more.

So, we say it again, it is very important for the company to check that its computer system is secure and that data are protected.

Rely on GROT to ensure that this does not occur in your company or organisation.

Pentest analysis procedures Swiss company

3 3

Swiss company pentest analysis is carried out against a commercial or technical agreement by a professional.

Those who carry out this activity are ethical hackers who attempt to attack the system with the same logic as a criminal.

Swiss company pentest processes can be carried out in different ways.

This obviously depends on the quality and quantity of information available in the hands of the analysts regarding the analysed systems.

The Pentest methodologies are:

  • I Black Box test, where there is no need to know the infrastructure being analysed.
  • I White Box test where detailed knowledge of the infrastructure to be examined is provided, including network diagrams, application source code and IP addresses in the network.
  • Grey Box are variants of these two methodologies.

The results of Swiss company pentests can assess the impacts of an attack and thus suggest countermeasures to be taken to reduce risks.

The Swiss company pentest activity ends with an analyst report highlighting all possible vulnerabilities in the system.

This report contains a detailed analysis of the problems and their technical solution.


Concluding this article on the Swiss company pentest, you have seen how important it is to turn to professionals, such as GROTto check the effectiveness of your computer system against external intrusions that can cause you serious damage to your image and finances.

So, all you have to do is contact GROT to check for potential threats to your computer systems.




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