New online business: 10 ideas to start with!

You are interested in the idea of a new online business but do not know what it could be and how to start it?

We of Grot we thought we would help you by showing you 10 ideas for a new online business.

But what is an online business?

Quite simply, it is starting with an idea you have in your head and turning it into reality in digital, using an investment of very little money, at least initially.

This new online business, especially during the lockdown, was seen as a new opportunity for many people who decided, through this, to supplement their salary or simply get involved in something different.

In fact, setting up a new online business is not difficult, but it requires perseverance and, above all, time.

Like all things you want to do well, after all.

Here they are, the 10 ideas we will look at more specifically for a new online business:

Create a blog

Writing online articles

E-learning courses

Social media manager

Becoming a personal trainer or fitness coach

 Organising trips online

Affiliate Marketing

Creating a YouTube channel

Selling handicrafts online

Becoming a translator

What is the best new online business to start with little money?

This is surely the question that will be running through your mind after reading the first few lines of this article, but let's look at it more specifically with these 10 new online business ideas that we propose.

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Creating a blog

When we think of a successful new online business, blogging immediately comes to mind. We have seen strangers become famous and rich after starting a blog. Just think of the influencer, to the fashion blogger, to the food blogger or to the travel blogger who have made their passion their source of income.

Although at the moment, the market seems to be saturated with them, no one is stopping you from trying. The advice is to do it on something that best represents you and in a way that can make a difference from the mass of bloggers on the net.

If, before you start writing, you want to know the trends of google searches, so that you can hit the topic right away, you can do so by going to this google trends site which is very useful and easy to use.

Of course, being a blogger means working from home with flexible hours without spending a lot of capital, but to make this successful you have to work hard at it.

In fact, you will have to spend a lot of time on it, you will have to create interesting content and you will have to know some tricks that will allow you to make your blog known to more people.

This means, that an initial expenditure will have to be made but the results will not come immediately.

To earn money with your blog, however, you will have to find your own strategy for monetising content; perhaps by working with affiliate programmes.

You could have an income from the views of Google Ads, the sale of merchandisng, l'rental of advertising space or the writing of sponsored posts.

To start a blog and work with it, one needs to have a foundation. In this respect, there are several courses for bloggers or you could rely on the professional team of Groat explaining how to make it a profitable business.

The steps if you want to start a blog are:

  • Find a topic for your blog; 
  • Decide on the name and its structure;
  • Purchase hosting and a domain that is only yours;
  • Install and choose the right WordPress plan;
  • Choose the layout your blog should have and the plugins;
  • Finally, write content that is interesting from an SEO perspective and monetisable.

new online business

Writing online articles

The second new online business we suggest is somewhat related to the first.

In this case, instead of starting a blog, you can write online content for blogs, companies or sites that require it.

If you love writing why not do it while getting paid, right?!

In this category we can also include the SEO Specialistexperts in Search Engine Optimisation and the Copywriter.

I SEO Specialist are those who know the rules for indexing and ranking in the first Google search results a given Keyword (Keyword).

What does this mean, that if someone is searching for that specific word you have written an article about from a Seo perspective, they might find themselves at the top of the search.

Why is it important to write well with SEO? Simple, because people do not look at all the search pages but stop at the first results.

So how can you earn money if no one can find your articles? In our Academy Grotwe explain how to make your articles better optimised for the SEO.

I must tell you that the SEO expert is highly sought after, both within companies and as a freelancer, so it is a possible new online business.

As for the profession of the copywriterhe is the one who, using words, creates a message that content a mix of emotions, empathy and above all persuasion to act towards a given situation.

For example, through his words he can get people to ask for information, sign up for a newsletter or even buy a certain product.

All you need to undertake this new online business is good writing and some knowledge in this field; if you don't have it, you can always acquire it with some online courses held by professionals.

new online business

E-learning courses

Earlier we said that in order to set up a new online business, you have to acquire skills and therefore take courses that will help you in your endeavours. But if you were a professional in the field with years of experience, what new online business could you create?

The answer is very simple, put your know -how available to all through e-learning coursesindividuals or by becoming teachers of learning sites.

You should know, in fact, that market research estimates that the online learning industry is growing and will grow more and more in the coming years.

But in order to make your course a successful one, you have to ask yourself questions that will help you structure it and ultimately offer it to an audience.

For example, consider what is the best topic to cover and, above all, design the course in such a way as to be interesting in each lesson.

Academy GrotIn fact, it has structured its various courses not so much on the theory of information but on the practice of this information in the actual work to be done.

A person has to know what he or she is doing and what better way to teach than through practice!

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Social media manager

We all have a social account and, therefore, what better opportunity than this for a new online business. Both small and large companies have realised the importance of having a presence on social and creating with their followers a community, thus promoting their products.

This has led to the introduction on the market of this new professional figure of the social media manager.

What you need to be able to do is:

  • Get to know the different social networks well;
  • Creating quality content;
  • Knowing how to involve the community:

All this will grow social accounts producing traffic to the relevant site and thus leading to monetisation.

In this case, in addition to everything mentioned above, the marketing strategy you want to use is also very important.

Here, too, there are courses that enable you to learn more about the profession of social media manager.

new online business

Becoming a personal trainer or fitness coach

A new online business that took off during the lockdown has been that of gymnasium professionals. These suffered a considerable loss during the pandemic from Covid -19 and to ensure continuity for their customers and to keep them entertained, they invented the online fitness coach.

This was an excellent opportunity for both personal trainer and for customers, being able to do gymnastics and exercises 'from the comfort of home'.

So, if you are a personal trainer and you want to round up, now is the right time to create paid videos with routines to stay in shape.

Alternatively, you could follow clients online by offering them cards with exercises that can be done at home, with the help of small weights, to strengthen or maintain fitness.

What you need, in this case, is a minimal sum to purchase a suitable video call system that allows the lesson and some ads (advertising) on social media to make you known and acquire customers!

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Organising trips online

Have you always loved travelling and are you told you are good at planning holidays? Then a new online business for you may be to organising trips online.

What you need is to affiliate with a travel agency that can provide you with the necessary tools for booking flights, cars, tours and hotels.

Once you have made the initial investment in the operating system, then have the right tools to work with, all that remains is to start finding customers to organise wonderful trips.

Your job will be to online travel consultant and help customers find the best offers or travel packages.

Some online travel agencies are All Trade travel and tourism, Evolution Travel o CartOrange

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Affiliate Marketing

This new online business of affiliate marketing is very profitable and allows you to sell other people's products or services to an interested audience.

You will help companies sell more and because of your work, you will receive a percentage or commission on these sales.

For these to be recognised, the customer must purchase through your affiliate link.

In general, we can say that there are three models of affiliate marketing:

  • Pay-per-sale. The most common one, in which you are paid according to the number of sales you have made at the company.
  • Pay-per-lead. In this specific case, the gain is based on the conversions of the lead. For those unfamiliar with marketing terms, I lead are considered potential buyers.
  • Pay-per-click. This is very intuitive, i.e. you get paid for the number of clicks (visitors) to the merchant's website.

To work as affiliate marketing You can use different tools: simple word of mouth, web channels such as blogs or social media.

If you are good at convincing others by showcasing product qualities, this is the new online business for you.

If you want to improve yourself or do not have the right marketing background for the job, remember that you can always follow a online marketing course perhaps at the Grot Academy.

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Creating a YouTube channel

If you like being in front of a camera and you are sprightly, then the new online business for you is to creating a YouTube channel. What you need to do is to open your own channel on YouTube and earn money by sharing ads. You can do this simply by following these steps described on their page, by clicking here.

YouTube has become very effective in building a following because so many people access it every day to view its content.

This method of earning money is definitely low-risk, you just need a good camera and an internet connection to upload content. Once you reach a certain number of followers you can start monetising your videos through Google Adsense.

This is none other than the programme that places advertisements within videos posted on YouTube.

Be careful that it is not easy and immediate to succeed in this field, what we suggest is to find a specific target audience and above all make videos with interesting and clear themes that will appeal to as many people as possible.

There are several ways to earn money on YouTube:

  • With ads played before or during your videos;
  • With subscriptions for premium content;
  • Selling merchandising;
  • Sponsoring products;
  • Through affiliate marketing.

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Selling handicrafts online

Many people prefer buying products online nowadays, perhaps because they do not have much free time or because they can go shopping while sitting on the sofa and receive the products directly at home.

The fact is that this is becoming a new online business for all craftsmen who have a passion for hobbies or who want to try their hand at seeing their creations, be they handmade clothes or jewellery.

This means, however, that if you decide to open an online shop or a e-commerce you must have a solid foundation in marketing and SEO positioning. If you want some more information, you can fill in the our forum.

To realise your online shop you can rely on different platforms, such as Etsy, that allow you to sell your products.

Remember that you have to be a good communicator because since you cannot physically see your product, but only from photos, people need to understand its quality and potential. In short, why should they prefer you over another craftsman or a chain shop?!

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Becoming a translator

A new online business is become an online translator. This is possible if we speak one or more languages fluently. Indeed, it is well known that it is not profitable for a company to translate its sites or articles with Google Translator and is therefore always looking for competent translators.

This activity is certainly low-cost and could also guarantee a steady income if you can find several customers.

We can tell you, that there are several ways in which one can put online translation skills into practice:

  • Simultaneous translation. You might decide to act as a translator on a video call system, such as Zoom, between two people who do not speak the same language.
  • Localisation. This is perhaps what will take up the most time in translation. It means the translation of an entire site but adapting it to the culture to which it will be proposed.
  • Transcription of the translation. Finally, the best known if you like, translation from a text written in one language to another.


As you have seen, we have come to the end of the article on new online business.

Here, we have tried to introduce you to 10 possibilities for setting up your new online business, but we would like to point out that the payoff will not be immediate, you will have to sweat it out as in all jobs.

You will have to build a reputation and you will have to sell yourself well to be able to see the fruits of your labour.

Obviously, in order to start in this new online business, you must also be prepared and, above all, have an entrepreneurial outlook; because that is what you will be as an entrepreneur yourself!

We therefore suggest that you attend various online courses that can give you more know-howand practicality with the work you want to undertake.

If you want to better understand your business idea, take courses that will help you improve and make your idea real, all you have to do is visit our page, by clicking here and registering for our courses!

What are you waiting for to take your future into your own hands!




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