Managing Swiss company reviews: 2 types of reviews

We can say that running Swiss company reviews nowadays is very important for growing your business.

Customer opinions matter more than ever, especially for the small enterprises or the start-up.

In fact, whenever a customer has a positive or negative experience with your products or services, they can share it through numerous online review platforms or via social media.

Think of reviews on your sites, on your Facebook page, in local directories such as Google My Business or on specialised review platforms such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and many others.

These reviews have a real impact on your business, which is why it is very important to manage Swiss company reviews.

To do this, there are realities such as GROTwhich help you manage Swiss company reviews, monitoring them and minimising the problems that online sharing of negative reviews and comments about your company can bring.

Let's see specifically what we will talk about in this article on how to manage Swiss company reviews:

  1. How online reviews work
  2. The importance of managing positive Swiss company reviews
  3. The importance of handling negative reviews
  4. How to handle fake reviews
  5. Tools for managing reviews
  6. Conclusions
manage reviews Swiss company

How to manage Swiss company reviews

We start with the interesting part of our article, namely how to handle both negative and positive Swiss company reviews.

How online reviews work

As we said, most people rely on online reviews as much as the old word-of-mouth.

Therefore, for a company, the possibility of having testimonials from customers who purchase their products or services is very important, indeed, almost indispensable for reaching new customers.

What a company should do, however, is a review process of reviews by experts such as GROTwhich can help you receive more online reviews.

The importance of managing positive Swiss company reviews

As we said, word of mouth and reviews have always had a great influence on customers' buying habits.

Online reviews, on the other hand, have a very different impact on sales and, above all, on online visibility.

That is why it is important to know how to handle Swiss company reviews!

What many customers do before buying a product or service is check online reviews and compare prices with competitors in the industry.

The company with the best profile of positive reviews, we can say, will win the customer!

In fact, managing Swiss company reviews is also a way of attracting new customers and getting your business discovered.

This is because everyone now has a smartphone in their hand and relies on it to choose which shop, restaurant or service to use or buy!

Thus, the ultimate goal of Swiss company review management is to establishing a good positive online presence on all key review platforms and major local directories.

By ensuring that positive reviews of your company are published on relevant platforms, these will help balance out the negative ones.

The best way to ensure that customers' positive feelings towards your company are expressed online and are therefore visible to other potential customers.

This positive feedback will encourage new customers to try your products or services.

manage reviews Swiss company

The importance of handling negative reviews

It is not easy to deal with negative Swiss company reviews, which is why there are specialists who can help you restore credibility and counteract these reviews such as GROT.

For more information on this, simply contact them by clicking here!

The importance of monitoring and managing online reviews on the Internet is to be aware of all the things they write about your company.

Often, if customers find negative feedback to which the company has not responded, they decide not to use it or not to buy, because they consider it unreliable.

Research has shown that 40% of consumers will not use a company with negative reviews!

In fact, 94% of customers said they went elsewhere because of negative reviews!

Therefore, the Swiss company review management involves scanning the Internet for any negative reviews or comments to which you will immediately respond, saying that you will find solutions to solve the problem.

This attitude has been shown to improve overall review scores.

A key part of improving customer reviews, therefore, is the timing for responding to them.

Of course, a constructive response to customer complaints must be used in order to improve your company's image.

It is crucial to reduce the amount of time that a response to a negative review is absent.

For a start-up or a small entrepreneur, as we said, it is impossible to scour the internet for these reviews, which is why there are realities such as GROTwho will check and answer correctly for you.

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How to handle fake reviews

In addition to handling positive and negative Swiss company reviews you could or should worry about fake ones.

It is essential to read any feedback carefully to check whether it is false or unfair and detrimental to your business.

For instance, if a customer with the same name writes several reviews about your company or writes many in quick succession, you may be able to report false and unfair ones to the review platform.

Otherwise, if the complaint is true, as mentioned above, it is necessary to respond immediately in a professional and appropriate manner to find a solution to the problem that satisfies both parties.

Tools for managing reviews

There are several tools for managing Swiss company reviews, e.g. GROT uses an online review management software that is very professional.

GROT uses a tool that is also perfect for small businesses and, thanks to its team, is able to monitor and manage reviews on the Internet.


In conclusion, nowadays it is indispensable and essential to manage Swiss company reviews online to ensure a better reputation and thus attract new customers.

You have to monitor all kinds of reviews, positive and negative ones.

Where the latter arise, it is essential to respond appropriately to try to find a solution.

You can rely on realities such as GROT to address the problem of managing reviews.

What are you waiting for contact them to discover all their services!




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