Ethical Hacking in Switzerland: 4 things to know about this service

Last week we told you about the alternative growth systems Switzerlandtoday we want to address the topic of ethical hacking in Switzerland.

We would like to explain more about this figure and these services he also offers GROTbecause many times when people talk about hackers, they get the wrong idea.

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Returning to our article on ethical hacking in Switzerland, you should know that it was decided to hire ethical hackers to discover and then eliminate security holes in public administration systems and software.

As you know, computer systems are very vulnerable and are the most common avenues for cyber attacks.

Ethical hacking in Switzerland is therefore very important to detect and correct security holes as quickly as possible.

Thus, the Swiss Confederationwithin the framework of the 2021 pilot project programmes″.Bug bounty" decided that it will be Swiss ethical hackers who will hunt down vulnerabilities in computer systems.

This pilot project involved 15 ethical hackers who searched for security holes in six systems of the FDFA and parliamentary services.

From the analysis, ten security holes were detected and reported, classified as one critical level, seven medium level and two low level.

All these vulnerabilities, thanks to ethical hacking in Switzerland, were immediately eliminated.

Ethical Hacking in Switzerland

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After this introduction, let us see how our article is structured:

1.Who the ethical hacker is and what he or she does.

2. The tasks of the ethical hacker

3. Why ethical hacking is required in Switzerland

4. Is ethical hacking in Switzerland safe?

5. Conclusions

Who is the ethical hacker and what does he do

We can tell you that according to the National Cybersecurity Alliance American are about 30,000 sites are hacked every day.

There are the attacks of cybersquattingi.e. activities aimed at appropriating the domain names of third parties, especially important trademarks, in order to profit from them, and the activities of hacktivismcyber attacks for political or social purposes.

The Word hacker is commonly, incorrectly, used to refer to web malicious persons.

Instead it is a expert figure in computer security looking for its weak points, to better defend a company and prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to it.

Ethical hacking in Switzerland is therefore carried out by a hacker who is none other than a cybersecurity specialist

Even the definition of hacker in the Treccani Encyclopaediaan expert in programming and telematic networks who, pursuing the objective of democratising access to information and driven by ethical principles, works to increase the degrees of freedom of a closed system and teach others how to keep it free and efficient [...].

Therefore, ethical hacking in Switzerland and hackers should not be confused with cyber criminals or crackers.

An ethical hacker is one who is an IT expert who, following a set of ethical principles, puts his or her skills at the service of other entities or persons.

ethical hacker in switzerland

The tasks of the ethical hacker

Ethical hacking in Switzerland is very important because every company, public or private, small or large, needs a set of IT infrastructures for managing operations and for communication.

Obviously, the bigger it is, the more vulnerabilities it presents.

Not even the IT team of their company is able to have an overview of the company's security level.

Ethical hacking in Switzerland asks these questions:

  • What are the flaws in the system?
  • Which employees engage in risky behaviour?
  • In which areas of the company is the security policy not sufficient?
  • What will the cyber attack affect?

And many other such questions.

The task of the ethical hacker is therefore to assessing the state of a computer system by testing it with the tools that cyber criminals would use or crackers.

So with DDoS attacks, virus, social engineering and much more.

In summary, an ethical hacker helps the company:

  • Testing periodically systems and networks.
  • Identifying the risks for security.
  • Checking theeffectiveness of security systems.
  • Assessing the needs of new cybersecurity measures.
  • Creating tailor-made security solutions for the organisation.
  • Promoting a safety culture IT in the company

In doing so, it uses advanced techniques both automatic and manual such as the vulnerability assesment and the Penetration Test.

GROT offers in its ethical hacking services in Switzerland precisely the PenTest which we will elaborate on in another article.

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Why demand ethical hacking in Switzerland

As we said, the bigger the company, the more possible vulnerabilities that can compromise the entire system.

Here, then, in our opinion, are three fundamental reasons why ethical hacking should be supported in Switzerland.

  1. The hacking sector is booming. This applies to both ethical and cyber-crime. We can tell you that malicious attackers looking for new methods to attack companies and private individuals is constantly expanding and the technologies they use are also becoming more sophisticated.
  2. L' digital acceleration of these years, together with new forms of work in smart working of companies, have increased the 'urge' of cyber criminals or malicious persons to attack companies both small and large.
  3. Finally, it is indispensable for companies to have a specialised cybersecurity support.

The computer security of a company system absolutely must be handled by customised technicians who know what they are doing and who are constantly informed about new threats.

GROT can provide you with all this with cybersecurity professionals with years of experience in the field.

Is ethical hacking in Switzerland safe?

This is a legitimate question for the company or business that decides to hire an ethical hacker.

We can tell you that this professional figure is a bit controversial because there is no real certificate attesting to its competence.

Moreover, it is the professional himself who gives his guarantee that he respects the precise code of ethics.

The answer to the question therefore lies with the service company or supplier you decide to hire.

That is why we can tell you to rely on the expertise of GROT to make your IT infrastructure more secure.

Their advice prevents technology inefficiency and ensures the right protection from external cyber attacks for your company.

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ethical hacking in switzerland


In conclusion, in this article we have told you about ethical hacking in Switzerland and how it has become essential for small and large companies to safeguard themselves against external attacks.

Now, we are sure you will use the right connotation for the word hacker and not a negative one.

Furthermore, we have described how important the role of ethical hackers is for the corporate cybersecurity world.

Now all you have to do is take contact with GROT to start improving your cyber defences against external attacks!




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