Growth hacking tools: the 7 categories to know!

After telling you about Growth hacking for start-ups we want to recommend, or rather suggest to you the Growth hacking tools indispensable for your business!
As you know, the tools are endless, so in this article we will try to give you an overview of all the main ones divided into macro categories.
If you are not very familiar with these topics or if you are starting your own business and would like to understand it better, you can consider turning to professionals who hold specific courses.
All you have to do is simply, take one of our courses at the Grot Academywhat you think is right for you.
By growth hacking tools we mean those tools available on the web that are right for your company.
Specifically, we will look at seven macro-categories which I will list below, bear in mind that some of the tools fall into more than one category but will only be considered once.

Growth hacking tools

1.Analytics tools
2.Tool for collecting user feedback
3.Tools for testing and optimisation
4.Lead Generation Tool
5.Email marketing tools
6.Tool for obtaining data
7.Tool for referral programmes

Analytics tools

growth hacking tools
Google Analytics

This is definitely a Growth hacking tools very important because through the analysis of data you can understand many things.
As we said, this category of tools is very diverse and includes several tools such as heatmap, of the funnelof the customer journeyof the revenue and many others.

  • Google Analyticsis certainly one of the best known and most widely used as it is free. To start using these tools, it is certainly the easiest to install, configure and use. We won't go into too much detail on this Growth hacking tools because you can find a lot of information on the Internet.
  • MixPanel this is one of the professional analytic tools best on the market and most widely used. Suffice it to say that brands such as Samsung, Microsoft and BMW use it. As you may have guessed, however, the cost is very high, so we do not recommend it if you are a start-up! Among its features that may interest you the most is that of building customised funnelsand detailed analysis of user behaviour, thus enabling you to track and observe individual users as well.
  • HotJar. If we talk about the heatmap, a rectangle chart you are not familiar with the jargon, one of the best tools in the world Growth hacking tools is this, also used for soft data reporting. This is not a single tool but a suite of several advanced tools that will allow you to collect metrics and feedback.
  • Segment is a valuable aid when it comes to analytics tools. With this tool, you can forget about lost data, misaligned data, inconsistent reports and time holes. In short, with this tool you can collect and visualise data.

Tool for collecting user feedback

In this category of Growth hacking tools you will find those tools that will help you collect feedback and user behaviour. Let us again start with the simplest in terms of functionality.

  • Google Form Among Google's free tools, you will also find one specifically dedicated to the creation of questionnaires and surveys. As you can see by clicking on it, it does not offer many customisation possibilities, but certainly for start-ups or those with a limited budget, this tool is perfect.
  • TypeForm. An excellent Growth hacking tools  to carry out surveys. Its structure is intuitive and functional even on mobile phones. Compared to Google Forms, this tool allows you to customise your forms also from a graphical point of view.
  • Qualorro. If you are looking for a tool to make customer interview then this is the one for you. You will be able to customise all applications, and of course due to its costs it is more suitable for a large company than a start-up.
  • Customerly. an Italian tool that is perfect for user relations is this one. Thanks to an widget installed on your website, you will be able to campaign, segment and automate a series of messages based on behaviour.
  • UsabilityHub is a tool for various tests such as the 5-second test, the first-click test or the preference test. In addition, it can be useful to show users a product of your competitor and ask them specific questions about it. In this way you will collect different information and be able to compare them.
  • Uservoice. Thanks to this tool, which integrates with Zapier, Zendesk, Salasforce and many others, you will be able to handle malfunctions, user feedback, feature suggestions and then track their progress.

Testing and optimisation tools

Growth hacking tools

This tool category is about testing and optimisation, and we can help you understand more about this category too, thanks to our Grot Academy courses that you can discover by clicking here!
In short, here are all those tools you need for different tests such as A/B tests, multivariate tests, split tests and many others.

  • Google Optimise. Here again, Google offers its own tool for testing and optimising web pages, which integrates perfectly with its other products. You will find different types of experiments including the targeting based on user behaviour, cookies and others.
  • Optimizely. We can say that this is without doubt one of the best tools around for this category. You can test any component of the product from the user interface to the backend. Perfect for use on both PC and smartphone.
  • VWO. This tool has a very affordable price but is unfortunately limited to web products only. Here, too, you will find different types of tests such as A/B testing, the multivariate test or URL split.

Lead generation tools

This category of Growth hacking tools deals with funnels in the contact acquisition phase.

  • Hellobar is a tool consisting of a bar that is installed at the top of the website and serves to collect visitor contacts. It offers a free plan with which you can start, making it ideal for start-ups or those who do not have a large budget.
  • Sumo. This tool is used by more than a million websites worldwide and is without doubt the most comprehensive Growth hacking tools. Here you will find various tools that will allow you to collect emails from your visitors by means of popups, bars, Mat, scroll boxes and much more. Most importantly, it is free of charge.
  • LeadFeeder this is a tool that helps you understand the companies that are visiting your website, how they found you and what they are interested in. LeadFeeder integrates seamlessly with tools such as Hubspot, Zapier, Google Analytics and so on.

Email marketing tools

As for the Growth hacking tools of marketing we must say that they are fundamental and contain CRM functionality, marketing automation and much more. If you want to take specialised courses in these topics, you can do so by registering for our courses.

  • ActiveCampaign has a simple interface that is accessible even to non-professionals, which is certainly a great help if you are taking your first steps. You can create automatisms with a graphical tool that allows you to work in blocks. The cost, however, is very high.
  • Mailchimp this is another easy-to-use tool that is inexpensive but not very automated. In addition, it offers you a free version for your first 2000 contacts, which is not bad for a start. Experiment before investing in your suitable email marketing tool.

Tool for obtaining data

As you may have guessed the data in the Growth hacking tools are fundamental and here we will look at the ones you will need to acquire them.

  • Google Trends. From the Google family here is a good Growth hacking tools. It is very simple, analysing trends based on those owned by Google. This tool is useful for studying behaviour, analysing competitors, spotting emerging trends, getting ideas for your own content. It is of course free!
  • Crystal. This tool is very special and is used by major companies such as Coca-Cola, Google, Disney and many others. In short, starting from a social profile of the person you are looking for, thanks to artificial intelligence, you are able to define their personality and then get suggestions for approaching them. Of course, use it with great caution!!!
  • Clearbit. Among the Growth hacking tools this is what we could call a data engine. In short, starting from an e-mail from a person who does enrichmentyou can turn it into a complete profile and thus retrieve more information. We can tell you that they use more than 250 data sources and many reliable algorithms.
  • UberSuggest is a Growth hacking tools important for SEO. There are two versions, one free and one paid. Here you can get ideas about your content from one word, understand your search volume and search for related words. You can also analyse a web page and find backlinks.

Tool for referral programmes

Growth hacking tools

Finally, the last macro category of Growth hacking tools is the one dedicated to referral programmes that can be excellent allies for your company as we have already mentioned in our article 9 business growth strategies.

  • ViralLoops is a platform that easily integrates with Facebook, Google Analytics, Slack and many others. Here you can choose from different templates to start with according to your needs. In addition, you can manage your entire campaign with this tool.
  • Referral Candy is a tool that costs money but definitely encourages word of mouth. Here you can create a landing page, send mails, create pop-ups or forms and manage referrals.
  • UpViral. the last Growth hacking tools that we propose for this category is a tool that will serve you for different contexts, not only for classic marketing. In fact, you will interact with gamification mechanics that are very fashionable. This means managing rankings, scores and objectives that will unlock rewards.

Now you know the best Growth hacking tools to use for your company or business, all that remains for you to do is to understand how best to use them through one of our Grot Academy courses, which you can find here, don't miss out on sign up to this academy of the future made by professionals.


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