Digital entrepreneurship: 6 essential skills!

We can say that digital entrepreneurship experienced a remarkable turnaround and attention during the pandemic period. Forced indoors, many people who had lost their jobs got involved by learning and creating new jobs.

In this way they became digital entrepreneurs.

Through digital entrepreneurship, new entrepreneurs had to learn, in a short time, a number of tools that they did not consider indispensable.

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In this article we will look specifically at

1. What is digital entrepreneurship

2. Business models

3. The 6 Necessary Skills

What is digital entrepreneurship?

Digital entrepreneurship

Digital entrepreneurship has been broadly defined as the creation of new businesses and the transformation of existing businesses that develop new digital technologies and/or a new way of using these technologies.

We can certainly say that digital entrepreneurship has expanded, precisely because of this increasingly digital society.

Just think of product advertising, it used to be done using channels such as billboards, newspapers, commercial TV spots and was very expensive, now a simple ADS on a social network at a negligible cost is enough.

Undoubtedly, the cost of advertising and advertising has decreased and this has opened the door to new professional figures as the social media marketer.

So, thanks to digital entrepreneurship, new jobs have sprung up or increased in existing ones.

Of course, any job can be risky, but surely to become a digital entrepreneur you have to put yourself out there and prove you have the right skills to succeed in what you do.

Digital entrepreneurship

Business Models

In digital entrepreneurship, there are several business models that can be started.

For example, you can create and build a software, video game or app that can help or entertain people.

Another example is to turn your small shop into an e-commerce or open an online business, such as Digital eScape.

An all-digital reality about a new way of perceiving play and fun.

But becoming a digital entrepreneur can also mean starting a business as social media manager, social media marketer o copywriter and follow several companies, increasing their client portfolio.

These were figures that, if you think about it a few years ago, were not so in vogue as a profession, whereas now they are among the most in demand.

This is because society is changing and therefore the world of work is also adapting to this.

Another possibility for online entrepreneurial business can be found in the figure of theaffiliate or influencerwhere, thanks to its influence, it manages to generate sales from its content.

As you can see, there are several professions to undertake digital entrepreneurship, but let's see in detail what skills you absolutely must have!

The 6 essential skills for digital entrepreneurship

Digital entrepreneurship

Digital marketing

The first essential and indispensable skill to start a digital entrepreneurship is digital marketing. It sounds very obvious but sometimes it is not. One thinks one knows everything, when in fact one does not know much about the subject matter.

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What is meant by digital marketing skills?

So, first of all the keyword search (keyword), knowledge and use of SEO e SEMknowledge of the Social Media and realise a Email Marketing.

Of course, you can also think about hiring someone in your new business, perhaps on what you are less experienced.

Human Resources Management

Another fundamental skill that one must have, as in any business, is to know one's strengths and weaknesses.

As we said before, if you do not have expertise in one area, harnessing the skills and expertise of others will allow you to grow as a digital entrepreneur.

It is therefore essential to be able to manage and choose possible team members.

3. Appropriate tools

As discussed in the article on Growth hacking toolstools are indispensable for good digital entrepreneurship.

If you have the knowledge but not the tools to implement them, how will you succeed?

To put it simply, if you know about SEO but do not have any good keyword research programmes, how can you tell if they are, effective?

So, look for the best tools for you, but first create a functional and beautiful website for your business.

4.Creativity and Evidence

In digital entrepreneurship, as in any other business, creativity is always a good basis for success.

There is no such thing as wrong or right, the appropriate solution is to try it out and see what your target audience likes.

You can do this through different means, surveys, questionnaires, interviews or simply through the tool of the A/B tests which allows you to test which advertising campaign is best or appeals most to your customers and potential customers.

Elevator Pitch

If you want to seek investors to grow your team or company, what you will need is the ability to develop a good and persuasive elevator pitch. By this word we mean a speech or written form with which you present your organisation or company.

The winning form is to be concise, clear and effective in this way you can convince the investor to enter your business.

Income Generation

The last essential skill to start a digital entrepreneurship is to know your business model and source of income.

You need to know your products or services well and understand how they are positioned in the market compared to your competitors.

You have to analyse where the most revenue streams come from, be it from social ads, word-of-mouth or newsletters; this will help you to improve and increase your business.

In this article we have tried to explain and give you the basics of what is meant by digital entrepreneurship, but if you want to know more about this world, we suggest you follow one of our Groat Academy courses or of contact us for any explanations regarding your company.




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