Cyber intelligence Ticino: 4 important elements!

Last time we told you about the domiciliation company TicinoToday we want to introduce you to Cyber Intelligence Ticino instead.

Cyber intelligence Ticino is what we commonly call cyber security and is one of the most important aspects of the digital world.

Indeed, this does not only affect private individuals, but also companies and public administrations.

To be more precise, cyber intelligence is part cybersecurity.

Ticino cyber intelligence consists of understanding the risks and threats that a company or organisation faces.

Understanding the opponent is fundamental to being able to defend oneself effectively.

Therefore, the cyber intelligence helps you understand where these threats come from, what motivates them and how they work.

In other words, cyber intelligence will collect and analyse information on cyber threats that are important to your business.

To clarify the cited cybersecurity just before, this is computer security that is about preventing attacks against a company.

Basically, it is about protecting an organisation from being attacked by a malicious actor.

For this there are companies specialising in this work such as GROT which deals, among many other services, with cyber intelligence Ticino.

But let us take a closer look at the notion of cyber intelligence Ticino and cyber intelligence in general.

1.Cyber intelligence Ticino and the new federal law

2.What is cyber intelligence specifically?

3.The importance of knowing Ticino's cyber intelligence tactics and procedures

4.Ways of collecting information from cyber intelligence Ticino

cyber intelligence Ticino

Cyber intelligence Ticino and the new federal law

The Swiss Parliament on date 25 September 2020 passed a new Federal Data Protection Act.

This law has been highly anticipated, but its implementation has also been disruptive due to its peculiarities and its impact on how personal data are processed.

In fact, this law imposes a new approach in the handling of sensitive data and, of course, this also applies to the field of cyber security and cyber intelligence Ticino.

You should know that this law was designed and constructed in line with the European Regulation (GDPR) to facilitate data sharing and uniformity.

Uniformity with regard to the terms of definition and interpretation of these in a professional context.

So, as we said in this case, it is always best to turn to specialists in the field such as GROT in order not to incur penalties potentially damaging to your business.

For any information or for an interview, simply fill in this format on the page.

What is cyber intelligence specifically?

After all this first part, you may have wondered what is meant by Ticino or more generally by cyber intelligence.

The answer is very simple, intelligence has, shall we say, a predictive purpose.

Through the collection of news, and above all after their careful analysis, an attempt is made to extrapolate from this information useful to the company on strategic or operational decisions.

The main ways in which this information is collected are:

  • Human intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Image Intelligence (IMINT)
  • Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Measurement Intelligence (MASINT)
  • Technical Intelligence (TECHINT)
  • Intelligence of free sources (Open Source) (OSINT)

In this regard, however, it is not so easy to determine whether the information is true or not.

For this reason, each source from which information is obtained is rated with a code ranging from A (reliable) to F (unclassifiable).

This process, which Ticino cyber intelligence and all the companies that deal with it also do, is called classification of information.

As you may have guessed, not only sources are evaluated but also information, so the process of Classification of information content.

In this case, a value from '1' (confirmed) to 6 (unclassifiable) is used.

The value of the information will be given by the reliability of the source plus the trustworthiness of the information.

In order to be able to assess these elements, it is always advisable to consult specialists in the field, such as GROT.

markus spiske Skf7HxARcoc unsplash

This is not easy in a cyber context.

In fact, to do cyber intelligence Ticino needs to make use of the most innovative technologies one has and collect a lot of data to allow for an overall assessment.

Ticino cyber intelligence is increasingly important in companies

Precisely because of what was said earlier, with the passage of time cyber intelligence has become more and more important at the corporate level, becoming an integral part of cyber security strategies!

The importance of knowing cyber intelligence tactics and procedures Ticino

In today's society and in this context, it is essential to know and acquired techniques, tactics and procedures (TTP) used by criminal actors who want to attack your system.

The ability you have to obtain detailed and accurate information about the context and your adversaries is crucial for cyber intelligence.

This, in fact, will give you a thorough knowledge of the modus operandi of your opponents and competitors.

With this information, you can carry out preventive actions and checks in order to avoid cyber attacks, financial, reputational and legal damage.

What are the advantages of criminals over companies?

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Ticino's cyber intelligence, and cyber intelligence in general, combat precisely the attacks of cyber criminals. But what are the advantages of these over a company?

We could spend a lot of time on this chapter, but to cut a long story short, the most important advantage criminals have in attacking companies is the time factor.

In fact, before attacking, they spend months identifying the vulnerabilities, the defences, the easiest targets of a company.

Not to mention that they plan the attack in detail and have the necessary tools to do so.

For this reason, cyber intelligence must be used to implement security strategies, we could say 'active' ones, that enable an effective defence against these attacks.

Ways of collecting information from Ticino cyber intelligence

Some of the ways to gather information of a cyber intelligence Ticino is theOSINT - Open Source Intelligence.

This involves the analysis, collection and categorisation of all 'open' or public access sources.

Among the most widely used sources in Open Source Intelligence are:

  • Media: newspapers, magazines, television, radio and websites;
  • Financial plans;
  • Press conferences;
  • Speeches;
  • Photographs;
  • Conferences;
  • Scientific publications;
  • Social Network;

In conclusion, cyber intelligence can therefore be defined as a process that collects information gathered from different sources and, after careful evaluation of this, considers what action to take.

If in your company, you think this level of cyber intelligence is lacking, then it is essential to contact specialists like GROT who will help you fortify it.




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