Coaching for Swiss companies: The 6 benefits

Last week we told you about theSEO optimisation Ticino companyToday we want to discuss with you another important aspect - coaching for Swiss companies!

You are not sure what coaching for Swiss companies is all about, no problem, we are here to explain it to you!

Coaching for Swiss companies is, shall we say, a process of coaching by a coach to a Swiss company in this case, aimed at achieving growth and improvement goals.

Its fundamental principles are business productivity and the individual well-being of people.

One of the main reasons why companies turn to coaching for Swiss companies is that owners or HR managers interface with managers who are highly competent, but often find it very difficult to relate effectively with colleagues and co-workers.

This is where coaching for Swiss companies comes in and GROT helps precisely Swiss start-ups, companies or large corporations in this internal dialogue.

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Coaching for Swiss companies:

The main benefits of coaching for Swiss companies:

  1. Improving leadership
  2. Improving management
  3. Improving the management of the change phase
  4. Corporate welfare
  5. Improving performance at the top
  6. Improving the performance of individuals

But let's look specifically at these 6 benefits of coaching for Swiss companies.

Improving leadership

Increasing leadership through coaching for Swiss companies requires action to relieve the pressures and challenges one has.

When leaders succeed in reaching their highest goal, the whole company benefits, because when you have a confident and positive leader, your teams will be productive.

We can therefore say that great leaders all have one thing in common, namely that they know how to motivate their team!

The problem arises when they themselves need the right motivation to go ahead and succeed.

This is why there is coaching for Swiss companies offered by GROTyou need only make contact by clicking hereand will work to resolve the situation.

Improving management

The second benefit of coaching for Swiss companies is, essentially, to create centred Managers and not Managers at the centre.

By this we mean, that very often the managers responsible for the different teams in the company have no training on how best to manage or lead them.

The company's success, also according to GROTIt starts precisely by giving managers the right coaching with time, space and support to grow.

It is therefore important for managers to delegate and communicate clearly with their team, so as to establish the respect, the trust that will then lead them to success.

coaching for Swiss companies

Improving change management

The stages of change are very important and managing them is really essential.

This is why coaching for Swiss companies is essential.

If the person at the top of a team, the leader or the Manager of referencedoes not understand why the change is taking place, then neither will his co-workers.

We can tell you that the greatest challenge to be faced is not change, but the uncertainty it generates.

In this respect, a Swiss company coach is crucial, who can help the person understand what is under his or her control and what he or she must learn to let go of.

Improving well-being

Coaching for Swiss companies offers people the space to reflect on their lives in the working world and to try to find a good balance between this and their private lives.

In short, it is a series of targeted actions that serve to optimise the well-being and health of the worker.

This is because it goes without saying that the well-being of a company depends above all on the well-being of its members.

A person who takes all-round care of themselves is undoubtedly more high-performing, productive, happy, gets sick less and has a positive influence on the colleagues around them as well.

Improving performance at the top

According to various researches, almost two thirds of CEOs do not receive external leadership advice, e.g. from a Swiss company coach.

This is bad for the company because self-made leaders often bear the stress of always having to have all the answers and this leads them to make decisions in isolation that affect productivity.

Improving the performance of individuals

Very important for coaching for Swiss companies is the individual because when one feels that he lacks power, his confidence and self-esteem also suffer.

Learning to manage stress loads or relationships with colleagues can undoubtedly help to improve one's emotions and actions within the company.

GROT is able to help its employees and the company through a focused coaching plan for Swiss companies!


The launch of the coaching course for Swiss companies:

To request coaching for Swiss companies, one must proceed in stages and here we briefly explain them.

The first step is between the HR manager and the coach.

It is explained why it was decided to consult and initiate coaching and which areas are affected by the action.

Subsequently, following this meeting, a first version of the coaching pact for Swiss companies is drafted, containing an organisational plan and the economic part.

The company then meets with the manager to explain why the coaching programme is needed.

The quality of this meeting will create the prerequisites for starting a fruitful journey in which the employee will work consciously and with conviction on the issues shared with the company.

Here, you will share with the manager the objective you want to achieve and any indicators of performance measurement to be developed.

In this last phase, the coach meets the HR manager and the manager at the same time, sharing with them the methodology and the path that will be used to achieve the shared goal.

After the manager has established a confidential relationship of trust with the coach, he or she will sign the coaching pact.

Finally, we can point out that in longer coaching courses for Swiss companies there may be follow-up and monitoring meetings with the company.

Now that you know more about coaching for Swiss companies, you can contact the professions of GROT to start individual or corporate coaching.

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